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Management of Modul'Therm cooling Print E-mail

Modul' Data Center responds to the principal problems linked to cooling:

  • The problem of cooling is integrated from the design
  • By opting for a micro-cooling design at source
  • Through the use of our patented design Distrib'Utility® of distribution of separate cold and hot air without false floors
  • Adaptation solutions for existing data centres to the current problems of very high dissipation linked to blade servers
  • By offering an upgradeable monobloc design without false floors and using the racks as a perimeter of the machine room.

Patented distribution system without false floors Distrib'Utility®                     Laminar cooling           Adaptation of the existing bays

Rack with modular air-conditionning                  Cold door and Cooling Distribution Unit (CDU)              Adaptable air-conditioned door