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The Modul’Room® is a modular Datacentre which enables to fully integrate the information system: network core (LAN-WAN, VLAN, WLAN), hosting and application servers, firewalls, etc. When assembled and interconnected together, the Modul’Rooms can meet the requirements of a small data room as well as in the construction and set up of larger Datacentres.

This Plug-and-Play solution enables a company to set up or extend its Datacenter very rapidly and to adapt to the new constraints of computing.

The Modul’Rooms are manufactured by a supplier of world renown, according to our own specifications according to parameters that we control from A to Z.


Upgradeability in all dimensions with the concept "pay as you grow"

- An upgradeable surface area of 10m² to several hundred m² without stopping production

- Upgradeable power of 20KW to 600KW per Modul'

Facility and rapidity of implementation and transport

- "Plug and play" design enabling only to have the electricity and the network to connect

- Models of less than 20m² → No building permit necessary (in France)

- A very rapid solution to deploy: Project can be completed in less than 6 months compared with 18 to 24 months for Brick and Mortar DCs minimum

- Easily transportable, modular DCs can be dismounted and redeployed elsewhere in full or in part

An economic formula for rental or purchase and in operation

- A global acquisition cost around 20% to 30% lower

- Rental formulae with remote monitoring services

- An energy saving design enabling a reduction by 50% of the operating costs



1- The Advantages of Modul’Room

Characteristics Description Advantages

Predesigned sets comprising the room, the racks, the electrical distribution, the air-conditioning, environment control and, as an option, inverters, fire detection and extinction

- 1 single point of contact

- An industrialized and optimized design thanks to a major effort from R&D

- Models without building permit

Dimensional upgradeability

- Model MR 10: 3/4 Racks 19 inches 42U

- Model MR20: 5/6 Racks 19 inches 42 or 47U

- Model MR40: 14/16 Racks 19

inches 42 or 47U

Models MR20 and MR40 are constructible without horizontal limitations and in R+1 in vertical

- A complete package meeting every requirement

- Thanks to the upgradeable models, you are only investing in your current requirements without fears for the future

- Savings and reduction of CO2 emissions thanks to an always optimum surface area

Upgradeable Power

From 3KW to 40KW per rack by adding LHX modules of 15, 20 or 40 kW

From 10 to 600kW per Modul’Room depending on the models

- Adaptation to every requirement

- You are only investing in your current requirements without fears for the future

- Savings and reduction in
CO2 emissions thanks to always optimum power

- Redundancy and High availability

Energy optimization

Cooling by air or iced water depending on the models, with a PUE < 1.2

- Reduction of operating costs

- Limitation of CO2 emissions

- Improved TCO


Racks of width 600 or 800, depth 1000, 1100 or 1200mm designed to accommodate all types of servers

- Open to all types of equipment
respecting the 19 inch standard (IEC


Coverings (panelings) enabling aesthetic integration into every environment

- Respect of the architectural,
environmental and administrative constraints

Evolutions with no stop in production

The addition of a Modul imposes neither a stop in production on the existing system nor opening of the room to the exterior - Improved availability and security
Centralized global management

An open supervision SNMP system for monitoring the technical elements, the environment and the active equipment

- Optimized reliability of operation

- Global management of your Data Centre

- Optional externalized supervision service of the infrastructure

Simplified operation

Corridors complying with the State of the Art standards with cold corridors of 120 cm and hot corridors of 74 to 100 cm

- Ease of racking, patch panelling and server operation


Can be easily transported thanks to dimensions compatible with land and sea transport

- Use for the Activity Resumption Plans (ARP)

- Transport over theatres of operations

2- Modul’Room park for hosting service providers

Thanks to its modularity, the Modul’Room design brings upgradeability and maximum customization for the hosting service providers

Depending on the requirements you can realize entirely private areas by grouping Moduls or in co-rental (inside the same Modul).


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