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How to manage growth of Data Centres? Print E-mail

It’s a fact! Storage requirements are experiencing enormous growth. Google possesses more than 25 Data Centres and manages more than 450,000 servers...

If, like us, you are asking yourself these questions:


  • How to manage such growth?
  • How to reduce operating costs?
  • How to respond to energy constraints and bring up-to-date already old infrastructures?
  • How to save space?
  • How to design a new computer room?
  • How to anticipate developments?


avantages_nav_enMONACO TELECOM has chosen Modul' Data Center solutions to optimize its performances while reducing its costs... The idea of modularity, and therefore only spending what was necessary, while progressing at the rate of their requirements, seduced the Monegasque operator.

Modular cables, pretested, copper and FO, which enable increased density and space saving, modular racks which enable the architecture to gradually evolve while taking into account vital requirements like cooling or control of power supplies, solutions for limiting fire risks..

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