Vente en ligne de produits modulaires d'infrastructure pour reseaux, salle serveur et Data Center
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Modul'Data Center has been the specialised division in the machine rooms of Groupe IPenergy, since 2006, itself specialised in IP communication technologies.

Modul'Data Center was born from the alarming observation that machine rooms were most often designed by public works and civil engineering companies having no proactive views on the development of computer technologies. Despite the profound developments in computing over the past few years with densification in power linked to blade servers, virtualization and generalisation of the 19" format, Data Centres are still designed as they were 30 years ago. Today, this inadequacy is glaring and France must not remain lagging behind in this domain; failing that, availability of computer applications and therefore the company’s competitiveness would be widely impacted!

This situation leads to an observation: 80% of data centres in activity will have to be changed or to evolve profoundly between now and in 5 years time.  And this observation is also verified over very recently designed computer rooms which are already unsuitable. Our objective is to meet the new challenges and technical constraints of data centres, enabling in this way to increase availability and security while reducing direct and indirect costs.

We design a Data Centre around current and future computing requirements of the Clients and not a room which holds all the computer equipment; this nuance makes all the difference!

A global vision of Data Centres:

Modul Data Center benefits from a comprehensive vision thanks to its link with its parent company IPenergy, specialised in IP communication technologies and more particularly in Networks and Security Infrastructures.

Our assets:

  • Unique expertise on critical Data Centres, with a vision focused on the computer requirements and not focused on general services,
  • Experienced employees both in the domain of computing and IP communication (Networks, Security, Virtualization, Storage...) and in the general services domain (Air-conditioning, Electricity, Environmental Control...),
  • Personnel certified in the processes (ITIL, PMI) to support you effectively in the management of your projects (construction, evolution, migrations, removals...),
  • Acknowledgement of IT system constraints,
  • Acknowledgement of environmental constraints from design, enabling to really talk about "Green Data Centres",
  • Innovative solutions leading to a reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO),
  • Great financial solidity (Highest Banque de France quotation, shareholders’ equity higher than €800,000, 2009 turnover: €2.5M with a growth of 30% per year),
  • Employees are company shareholders,
  • High innovative capacity, with several key patents.

Our offer: it is centered on 3 domains:

  • Advice, Audits and Project Management Assistance.
  • Supply of turnkey machine rooms or of the different components  used within these rooms
  • Manufacture of modular energy-saving Data Centres, autonomous and upgradeable in size and in power density.

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