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Operating constraints to be integrated at source Print E-mail

The operator is the guarantor of operational conditions of the machine rooms:

→ The rooms must be considered by computer specialists for effective operation

→ The operating constraints render necessary the possibility of rapid developments and without external intervention on the infrastructures


Prior and recurring considerations:

→ Capacity planning: sense the future of the rooms according to the present and to the foreseeable evolutions

→ Study of the breakdown matrices enabling to analyse the functional impacts of all types of failure over the different application environments

→ The migration and moving processes must be considered prior to the projects, they have an influence on the design of the rooms


Centralized but dedicated management:

→ Centralized control of the operating parameters and critical alarms

→ This control must be done both by the general services department CTM and by another independent IP system reporting back to the computer department


Help with operation tools and procedures:

→ Question: Where and how can I deploy new servers in accordance with the technical and operating constraints: Space, ground load, power, air-conditioning…

Application of the recommendations and use of Modul'Data Center equipment enables to optimize your machine rooms over several levels:

  • Save time by providing modular ready-to-use devices
  • Save space by optimizing the space in the machine rooms and the racks
  • Energy savings:
  1. Reduction of the surface area of the machine rooms,
  2. Targeted cooling which avoids pointless energy expenditure,
  3. Optimization of subscriptions and electrical consumption.

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