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Very High Availability: A vital obligation! Print E-mail

Data Centres: Prime movers, support for computing in the economy:

→ IT: key to the competitiveness of modern economies
→ Data Centres: nerve centre of the digital economy
→ 80% of companies victims of a major computing loss file for bankruptcy in 2 years


Reliability: An imperative for all:

→ No design risks must be taken!
→ 99.99% availability (namely 52mn non-availability per year) becomes the norm
→ Centralized control of the operating parameters and critical alarms
→ Availability must be maintained over time
→ Availability must match the acceptable price to be extended to the majority of the rooms


Standards to be adapted to the context:

→ Standards (TIA 942, tiering, Ashrae…): defining the frames of reference
→ Adaptation imperative in the context to be compared with the experience of the operators


High availability aims for the Data Centres to comply with the agreed services:

  • 99% refers to the fact that the service is unavailable less than 3.65 days per year
  • 99.9%, less than 8.75 hours per year
  • 99.99%, less than 52 minutes per year
  • 99.999%, less than 5.2 minutes per year

The high availability affects the NCPI (Network Critical Physical Infrastructure). The NCPI or Critical network physical infrastructure is the core foundation of the telecommunication and information technology networks.  High availability occurs with each of its components which are:

Modul'Data Center provides through its solutions, products and services, an overview of high availability as well as a practical approach to each of its components.

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