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Green Data Centre: a profitable necessity Print E-mail

Data Centres: non-optimized, major energy consumers:

→ Data Centres consume as much energy as planes
→ Infrastructure poorly optimized = 2/3 of consumption by non-IT infrastructures
→ A rise of over 300% in electricity and air-conditioning costs in 7 years!
→ The annual operating costs represent double the cost of the servers
→ Urgency of reducing the energy consumption of the rooms and reducing the environmental impact

The eco-energy design must be considered beforehand:

‑{}‑‑{}‑→ A well-designed Data Centre can reduce consumption by half (excluding servers) with Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) lower than 1.5 compared with an average of 2.6
→ The machines must operate in their optimal functioning zone
→ Certain simple solutions greatly increase efficiency
→ The choice of technologies (e.g. free cooling) and suppliers is paramount
→ New technologies are coming onto the market (e.g.: fuel cells, solar air-conditioning)
→ Certain countries are more advanced than France and can act as a reference

A genuine Return on Investment:

Green design today enables genuine ROI
→ The operating costs must be optimized, known and managed from the start

Modul’Data Center responds to the concerns of companies to reduce their energy operating costs by guaranteeing high availability of their Information Systems.

As the best way of saving energy is not to consume it, our design improves energy efficiency thanks to innovative patented technologies isolating and optimizing hot and cold air flows.

This virtuous circle combines financial, marketing and sustainable development objectives:

  • Fewer inconveniences  and increased availability
  • Reduction of the operating costs and the TCO with rapid ROI
  • Rental/operational formulae reducing risks and constraints
    • Media communication positive and facilitating ISO 14001 certification.

We have, moreover, developed partnerships with indisputable industrial partners to anticipate the statutory and environmental evolutions to come.


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