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The high availability of a Data Centre, its performances, security and scalability depends on the design and assembly of each of the building blocks comprising it.  Their coherent functioning is guaranteed by a global strategy, standards and good practices.

Standards and good practices

  • Standardized equipment and cables
  • Monitored equipment (inverters, cooling system, active components, fire systems...)
  • Methods and process of high availability (activity resumption plan and continuity of activity plan (ARP / CAP), restart management, backup

Modul'Data Center certifications

It is fundamental that the equipment is standardized: all Modul'data Center products are certified and standardized,

It is fundamental that they are monitored (temperature, hygrometry, inverters, cooling system, active components, fire detection...). Modul'Data Center offers  a management and control solution for active and passive components as well as specific services,

It is imperative that best practices and processes (activity resumption plan, restart, backup) ensure high availability of the Data Centre. This is what Modul'Data Center offers by way of the services of its parent company, IPenergy.

NCPI: Network critical physical infrastructure.
This acronym is the basis of best practices in Data Centres; it is the very foundation of telecommunications networks and information technology.  
Its components concern the following elements:

  • Electrical power supply
  • Cooling
  • Racks and physical structure
  • Wiring
  • Physical security and fire protection
  • Administration system Contact us