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As the Chinese proverb suggests "money saved is that which is not spent". It therefore becomes indispensable to manage the total cost of ownership (TCO). Computer services are increasingly considered as service operators. They must be accountable at the level of the services but also at the level of the costs of its services. Their slogan in the past few years has become "do more with less".

Within these conditions the importance of profitability, seen from the TCO viewpoint is a major challenge. Its management goes through a global strategy, a good definition of the expected services, enlightened knowledge of the technical solutions and their costs, robust management of their implementation, processes and computer teams.

Modul'Data Center proposes its support services to optimize the cost of a Data Centre but also innovative solutions based on modularity.

Where are the costs of a Data Centre concentrated?

Modul'Data Center Response

  • Purchase of materials
Due to its specialization and internal expertise of certain technologies, MDC is considered as an OEM and offers a favourable functionality/price ratio
  • Installation

The very design of the Modul'Data Center Data Centres and our pre-terminated solutions, tested in the factory, enable savings of up to 25%.

  • Accommodation

Our solutions enable you to save a great deal of space compared with classic designs.

Our modular Data Centre solutions offer you a turnkey solution bringing even greater added value thanks to their design optimized on every level.
  • Functioning

"Prevention rather than cure": thanks to the integrated control systems, Modul'Data Center enables you to limit costly unavailability of the IS. Lastly,

cost savings in operation can exceed 60%.
  • Evolutions
By avoiding external intervention thanks to pre-terminated solutions, the costs are reduced while increasing autonomy.

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