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Non-availability of a Data Centre is expensive. Its effective operation starts upstream with the integration of its architecture, but also during its operation and downstream during its evolution.


  • Architecture: providing for and adapting

The machine rooms’ constraints are evolving a lot recently, particularly through the increase in density and their effect of thermal dissipation and electrical power requirements.  Moreover, these new constraints are not level within a Data Centre. It is therefore the entire design which has to be re-designed although it is necessary to start off with a poorly designed/operating existing system.

Starting with these observations, one of the major objectives is the upgradeability of the Data Centre and its modularity.

Modul'Data Center can help you to design a Data Centre able to evolve at the same time as the technologies, and therefore along with your actual requirements.


  • Operation: remaining available and autonomous

The team in charge of operation is organised around an operating and monitoring centre which precludes the requirements, incidents and adaptations to be made.

Modul'Data Center supports its clients in the inventory audit and in the implementation of standardized solutions which limit the risks of errors and interruption of the Data Centre.

Modul'Data Center can also support you through its parent company IPenergy in studies of DRP intended to increase the reliability of the global operation of your IS with an analysis broadly exceeding the scope of your machine room.


  • · Analyses and forecasts: tests and monitoring

The requirements of evolutions necessitate studies on the human and financial costs, their impact, and monitoring of the project.

Modul'Data Center supports its clients in the management of projects and guarantees Project Management Assistance linked to your machine room.


  • Our Project Management Assistance package

- Analysis and formalization of the computing requirements

- Study and design of new Data Centres

- Evolutions of existing machine rooms

- Generation of specifications and management of invitations to tender

- Development study of the machine rooms

- Assistance with migration and moving of the machine rooms

- Activity Resumption Plan and Activity Continuity Plan

- Implementation of optimal operational parameters of the room and the machines

- Training in the design and operation of the Data Centres

- Assistance with industrialization and putting the Data Centre into order


  • Our Audit packages

- Technical and operational audits of existing machine rooms

- Evolution recommendations

- Breakdown matrix

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