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One of the main problems of Data Centres is space. This is why all space saving is good to have by paying attention to avoid creating other problems (for example: concentration which leads to overheating).





Modul'Data Center considers this question with its pragmatic and innovative reasoning: we save space wherever possible. So our equipment enables space to be saved at the level of the cables and their routing, at the level of the racks and the fire systems...


  • Saving space on cables and cable paths: the high density of our standardized cables enables to greatly reduce their footprint. We therefore save space in the bays and in the cable paths, but also by reducing and even eliminating suspended ceilings or false floors to save even more space...
  • Saving space in the computer bays: our innovative solutions enable us to considerably reduce the number of racks thanks to optimization of the number of Us up to 65% with constant space.
  • Saving space in the machine room: Thanks to the Modul'Therm and Modul'Power design concepts, the inverters and air-conditioning systems, only the required power is used.

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