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Managing energy in the computer rooms Print E-mail

Gartner thinks that "between now and in 5 years time, the electricity and air-conditioning bill in data centres will rival that of equipment bills".

7 years ago the configuration per m2 evolved from 350W to 500W, it went from 1000 to 1300W (informationweek)

How to manage your energy?





Modul'Data Center presents immediate solutions as a result of its pragmatic vision:


1- Reduction of energy.

How to reduce the energy of a Data Centre?

The initial constraints of a Data Centre are linked to its design, operation and evolutions. We can markedly reduce the energy consumption of the Data Centres, by understanding their operation and by intervening on optimization of all the workstations that are consumers of current and future energy. For example: reduction of the cooling surface areas by using an autonomous cabinet.


2- Energy management.

Which elements does Modul'Data Center enable you to manage?

3- Return on Investment.

What are the elements influencing the R.O.I. of a data centre?

  • identification and evaluation of the risks linked to energy
  • monitoring and control of the equipment power supply
  • monitoring and control of cooling of the Data Centre.