Vente en ligne de produits modulaires d'infrastructure pour reseaux, salle serveur et Data Center
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Wireless IP environmental control

Strong points:

- Controls all of the parameters of your Data Centre: Temperature, Hygrometry, Current, Air flow, Smoke, Dry contacts, water, movements…

- Your technical alerts but also IT alerts sent by email, SMS, SNMP

- A complete range of sensors and fixed or wireless controllers

- Simple and Powerful software for environment and automation management


We have developed a strong partnership with the American original equipment manufacturer AVTECH, which manufactures a complete range of products, intended to control the environment in a machine room and to detect any faults as soon as they appear.

By distributing the AVTECH product ranges, and more specifically their Room Alert range, Modul Data Center (Groupe IPenergy) is in a position to offer you reliable, trusted and innovative solutions as regards environment detection and control for computer rooms.

Nobody knows when or how a disaster will occur. All that we know, is that the risk is always present and that good preparation will enable to minimise the impact on the equipment as well as on the users as well as on your business.

Modul Data Center and AVTECH offer a complete range of solutions for environment control, be it for a machine room, a Data Centre, or any other premises.  You will then be in a position to monitor the critical parameters of your environment, to alert the managers in cases of exceeding the thresholds, and to put in place automatic actions to re-establish optimum conditions.

Room Alert 32W is an advanced solution enabling environmental control of machine rooms, the issue of alerts, implementation of automatic corrective actions, while integrating a built-in inverter. It is specifically designed to help you monitor the temperature of your machine room as well as the degree of hydrometry, the presence of electrical energy, water leaks and flood risks, and to enable to extend this monitoring to different places, thanks to wireless technology avoiding laying cables between the sensors and the module acting as a hub.

The sensors and the hubs function through secure communication, using a private protocol compatible with ZigBee, enabling you to monitor the internal as well as the external environment by means of a large number of sensors.

Room Alert 11E Rack Mount is a solution enabling environmental control of the machine rooms, the issue of alerts and implementation of automatic corrective actions, all at an affordable price. Including the web server of origin, it enables to receive alerts by email, SNMP, SMS and other methods.

If offers ease of use thanks to its web interface, for configuration as well as monitoring in real time. It also enables the connection of 3 digital sensors (temperature and hydrometry) and has 8 channels for the sensors (via a hub).


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